Elevate Your Cooking with Spices!

In case I haven’t mentioned this before…I LOVE Main Street in Downtown Franklin! I love it mostly because it makes me happy!

I love the shops and shop owners who are almost always on site. I love how I always see someone I know here. I love the history of the buildings…I love the quaintness…I love the easy feeling I get just walking down the street. I love that everyone smiles at you and says hello.

And I did I mention…I love the shops! But, because I LOVE to cook and I’m kind of a purest…

Savory Spice Shop is one of my absolute favorites for a whole lot of reasons! What a fantastic addition to our bustling Downtown Franklin and it couldn’t be owned by a more delightful human being…Hollie Rollins oozes hospitality and gratitude and makes you feel welcome the second you walk through the doors of Savory Spice Shop.

The lovely Hollie!

Like me, Hollie is not a native. She and her family moved from Tampa several years ago. She told me that her first year was one of major adjustment. “I was crabby for a year!” I felt like we were somehow kindred spirits!

Her desire to open Savory Spice Shop came out her husband’s request for a homemade corned beef sandwich. She couldn’t find any juniper berries and that’s when it all started. Of course there’s a bit more to the story…but we have juniper berries to thank for this delightful shop!

October 16th is the 1 Year Anniversary of this delightfully charming shop and Hollie and her team have a weekend of celebratory festivities and surprises in store you. Come help them celebrate October 18th and 19th!

Notice the red pick up truck out the window!

You can tell that Hollie absolutely loves what she does…

“I love that we’re building friendships with our customers and that we’re teaching people that they eat great food with great spices for a great price!”

You don’t have to be some kind of an accomplished chef to appreciate what awaits you when you walk through the door.

Not only will you find every spice imaginable, but there’s also over 160 amalgamations of unique spice blends from baking to curry to BBQ to Seafood and wild game.

There are no MSG or GMO’s and everything is gluten free! Plus…you can read and understand the ingredients on every single label because they’re absolutely pure!

And here’s another awesome thing. The spices come in bulk and when you make your selection, they’re bottled for your order. This is what ensures ultimate freshness. You can also sample each and every spice or blend in the store. I mean…how great is that?

Now you can make Hot Chicken in your own kitchen!

And if you’re looking for a unique gift for that special person, you’ll find local artisan foods that are super delicious! And…there are cooks special tools along with spice cookbooks. It’s just wonderful…sort of like a cook’s playground!

I have one of these on my wish list!

This may be the best honey I’ve ever tasted!

Savory Spice Shop in Franklin is the only retail store in the United States that sells this fruity olive oil from Crete.

Savory Spice Shop in Franklin is one of 30 stores around the USA…Hollie feels like she’s part of a special family. This year commemorates 10 years of savory spices.

It’s possible that you might not have access to one of these delectable stores, but here’s the great news…Hollie ships all over the United States…so there is no reason why your pantry shouldn’t house the freshest spices available.

Requests anyone?

I went bonkers over the variety of fresh vanilla from all over the world. The fragrance was…well…just beyond!

What is it about Vanilla Beans? And so many of them in one place!

Here’s what loyal customer Sarah Godinez had to say about why she drives a long way and brings her friends to Savory Spice Shop…

“It’s an apothecary for cooks and it smells like my mother’s kitchen…this store makes me happy.”

Hollie and her team are in the happiness business! I’m going to be cooking recipes from the Savory Spice kitchen and will be sharing them with you. Any requests?

What’s your favorite spice?

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