Eight Months in Franklin, Tennessee

Today marks our 8 month anniversary. We arrived on August 10, 2013, to our new home, but it wasn’t home…yet. It was someone else’s home and we felt like strangers walking through the door. It looked like home, but it sure didn’t feel like it.

I think we were all scared but we also too afraid to share our feelings…so we kept them inside and tried to make our new house – home.

It’s been a roller coaster ride for sure. It’s been way harder than we ever thought possible. It’s been way more emotional than we ever imagined. But today…eight months later…I’m happy to say…that Franklin, Tennessee is feeling like home.

Of course it really helps that the sun is shining…the sky is a brilliant blue…the grass is getting green…the birds are singing…the trees are blooming and it’s warm. This, is what I fell in love with almost one year ago.

Discovering Franklin became more about discovering Cindy, and I guess that’s what I was called to do…discover me. Thanks for putting up with my personal journey.

Here’s what we experienced in the last eight months…

After 4 days of driving with a menagerie of pets, our house greeted us…

On moving day our new friends arrived with a Welcome Basket filled with all things Tennessee! (Thank you Amy & Phil!)

The Farmer’s Market is lovely and very different from Los Angeles…

The cinnamon buns made by the Amish are indescribable!

We went to festivals and Pop-up Barn Shows…(what’s a pop-up barn show?)

Hiking at Radnor Lake was filled with magical moments…the beauty of this place took my breath away…

We made friends…

Sitting on the porch at Carnton Plantation!

Friends visited from Los Angeles and kept us going.

It was a very short fall, but what I experienced was glorious. (Maybe this year it will last longer.)

And then it was cold…and then Christmas arrived and so did Kaitlyn!

And then she was gone and it got even colder….and winter was hard this year.

And then there was water pouring out of my wall and my house flooded…

And we needed a new heater and it was really cold! I couldn’t live without heat. I’m happy to report that my fire building skills have greatly improved!

And everything died, but somehow Sassy managed to have fun wherever she went.

And then there was snow in the middle of March! (not much, but something.)

And finally…today…right now spring has arrived in Franklin, Tennessee and I’m feeling alive again.

It’s been a busy eight months of exploring…a lot of Map Quest directions…meeting new people…stepping out of my comfort zone…finding my way and learning to dig deep inside and listen to that quiet, still voice. I’m pretty sure there’s something bigger at play here and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

I hope you’re having a glorious week and loving spring wherever you are! Happy 8 Months to all of us!

I love hearing from you. Share your stories of emerging from winter with me.


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