Don’t Miss The Barn Door!

There are so many things I LOVE about Downtown Franklin, but more than anything, I love finding places that are a bit off the beaten path. Thankfully, I was introduced to The Barn Door within two weeks of my arrival here.

This is one of those stores where unique treasures await, but also it’s the place you enter and feel like you’ve come home, because Kevin King and Peggy Franks are simply the best at welcoming everyone who crosses the threshold of The Barn Door. (If Kevin’s Dad, Wayne happens to be there…then you’ve hit the jackpot!)

I’ve spent my fair share of $$s here mostly because every time I visit, there’s a new treasure that has my name written all over it.

The store is eclectic and NO… you don’t need a barn to shop here!

The one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture are made by Kevin and his father, Wayne, and they’re rustic elegance at its finest.

Meet Wayne. He’s got a lot of Franklin stories.

This is one of Wayne’s masterpieces.

The shop also features antiques and vintage furniture, jewelry, a host of work, featuring local artists and artisans and a large array of vintage prints.

And if you should happen to purchase one of these prints, you have to have Kevin do the custom framing. He’s a master at this craft. I can attest to this because I’ve had two pieces framed by him and they’ve made the biggest impact in my home. Everyone loves them!

Art is an important element of The Barn Door and you can find them participating in the Franklin Art Crawl…but call first to verify.

Kevin treats everything like it’s gold. He protects your things and gives them respect. This is a trait that I think more people should implement into their businesses.

There’s something here for everyone! My husband loves this store and he doesn’t get bored when I want to go. (Always a bonus.) And here’s why…there’s MAN STUFF!

The Barn Door is candy to the eyes because of Peggy Franks – Kevin’s right arm, I think. Peggy is a creative force and you can bet that the store will look different every time you enter. Treasures come and go but Peggy always finds a way to make them look new.

Check out how lovely this store is…

Peggy is my friend and a beautiful soul.

Both Peggy and Kevin have always lived in Franklin and they live what they believe, which is taking care of others is the right and good thing to do and when you do that…good always finds its way back to you. There’s a philanthropic philosophy that permeates the store and you can feel it when you walk through the doors. They know that business is about cultivating relationships and making others feel good.

And you do…

The last time I was there Peggy told me, “this is my favorite thing I’ve ever done. I meet different people from all over the world and people who walk through those doors, for the most part, are happy because they choose to be here.”

The Barn Door is a desirable destination for folks seeking antiques, one-of-a-kind furniture and vintage posters. Plan to spend some time here…wander the store…talk to Kevin and Peggy. These are good people and this is one of my favorite shopping places.

They’re located on the other side of the railroad tracks at the end of South Margin Street and First Avenue. If you have trouble finding it, just ask anyone. It’s well known and worth finding. When friends come to visit…there’s always a trip to The Barn Door.

Happy Shopping!

There’s no photo of Kevin because he’s doesn’t like to have his picture taken. But you’ll find him behind the counter wearing a very worn baseball cap…Tell him Discovering Franklin sent you.

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