Dickens of a Christmas Y'all

It’s here…my first Christmas away from family, friends, tradition and all that I took for granted for so long. The lesson in all of this is NEVER take things for granted. We hear it. We acknowledge it but we don’t really believe it. This Christmas is a tough one for all the obvious reasons. As my brother told me, “You love tradition more than anyone I know, so of course this year is going to be hard. Give yourself a break.” Thank you Jim. And I’m trying, but every time I give myself a break…the flood gates open. So what do you do when you’re trying to start new traditions? You go Discover Dickens Christmas in Downtown Franklin. 

This annual event is one of the most well-attended in all of Middle Tennessee, but for me, it was totally new and magical. For two days in December, Downtown Franklin goes back in time to the days of Dickens and A Christmas Carol. This year…it was COLD and drizzly. Mom and I bundled up and headed downtown. And here’s what we found…

So what’s so special about Dickens Christmas? It’s a feeling that permeates the air, and you can’t really describe a feeling. It’s neighbors greeting neighbors and children dressed up and filled with wonder.  You honestly DO feel taken to another place and time. The smell of roasting chestnuts and cinnamon permeates the air and because this is Tennessee…there’s always music playing somewhere.

Somehow, even though we don’t know very people here in Franklin, there was a peacefulness in our soul and a warmth in our hearts. Will I continue to miss what I took for granted – YOU BET…will have bouts of crying and feeling blue? Yep! But I’m learning through all of this, that new is seldom comfortable, but it is REAL and that in every new thing…there is something special to be felt.

Leave a comment and share your NEW experiences below. I love to hear from you. Peace and Blessings to All!

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