Channeling my Inner Parisian!

I always wonder where highly creative individuals get their inspiration to keep creating. In fact, I’m fascinated by it. Recently I attended a special blogger preview of the Antique and Garden Show in Nashville and also had the rare treat of listening to some of our country’s top designers talk about what inspires them each and every day!

I was mesmerized, but not surprised that for many of them, they draw their inspiration from all things Parisian…the light (for sure the light), the colors (mostly the varying shades of blues), the fashion and style (two very different things), the flea markets, the farmer’s markets, the architecture, the lifestyle and basically, just the entire French package.

If you’ve been to Paris, you’ll know what I mean…if you haven’t…imagine all the images you’ve seen in publications.

The light truly is magic in Paris.

Here’s who I was privileged to spend the afternoon with…Carolyn Englefield – Interiors Editor for Veranda magazine…Margot Shaw – Editor-in-Chief of Flower Magazine…Jane Scott Hodges – Leontine Linens…Christopher Spitzmiller – the creator of the most gorgeous lamps…Michael Devine – spectacular fabric designer…Suzanne Kasler Interior Designer from Atlanta and the incredible Kris Beall, Founder of Blackberry Farm. Well, it just doesn’t get much better than that line-up.

For me…Paris is magic! I come alive when I’m there, and each time, I promise myself that when I come home, I’m going to add certain Parisian customs to my lifestyle. And then…life happens and I go back to what’s familiar and I then my desire to live a richer, simpler lifestyle goes bye-bye.

But after hearing this panel of designers discuss how to live an inspired life and how they do it…I decided to amp up my life one more time. So how do I add a touch of Paris to life in Franklin, Tennessee? It’s actually pretty easy. It’s done with INTENTION!

I believe that incorporating a touch of Paris into my daily living is about taking the time to find the beauty in the little things. There’s beauty everywhere, but especially here and it’s a matter of having eyes wide open enough to see it. Now unlike Paris, I can’t walk to the country, but I can take the time to get out into the country and find the beauty. Done! It’s leaving my car in the garage and taking a walk…even if I’m all caught up in work.

One of my favorite country roads.

My camera is my greatest source of dancing light and when the light is just right, it’s about capturing it. Taking the time to seek beauty in our historic architecture, my daily surroundings and scheduling time to shop locally is what the Paris experience is. Sometimes we have to seek out beauty.

Notice the wild rosemary and sage growing here.

It’s making friends with local butcher…knowing the best time of day to visit the bakery…finding the fromagerie and shopping for local produce at the Farmer’s Market.

Throughout spring and summer, this flower stand at The Franklin Farmer’s Market is stunningly beautiful.

We’re eating differently…more easy food and less three square meals a day. I’d much prefer to dine on a little salad with a perfect vinaigrette…perhaps some pate and little cheese…maybe some olives, a baguette and a lovely glass of wine. Simple, easy food.

My favorite kind of meal.

If you can still find Antellum, treat yourself.

If you meet a someone for coffee…make sure it’s local. It matters.

It’s about spending a little extra time to look my best before I leave the house, but most importantly…it’s all about making shopping (of any kind) an adventure.

And…it’s about being myself…doing what fills me up and adding a little joie de vivre to my everyday activities.

There’s inspiration everywhere and I’d love to know where you find yours?

P.S. Did you know that Prussian Blue , according to Michael Devine is practically a perfect color? He says it goes with everything. He also says we should be adding color and texture to our lives. Suzanne Kasler agrees and reminded all of us, that “paint can always be changed. Have fun and experiment!” The designers all agreed that the most important thing is to BE TRUE TO YOU!

I’m going to try and live every day with this kind of joy…I am totally true to me here in Paris riding a bike!

I just love that!

Local shops in Franklin for simple living

Carnivore Market – poultry and meat

Gulf Pride Seafood – fresh seafood

Murray’s Cheese – fromagerie – best cheese selection from New York. (It is located in Kroger on Murfreesboro.)

Best coffee houses in Franklin – Frothy Monkey, The Coffee House at Second and Bridge, High Brow Brew

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