By the Light of the Moon

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t love a FULL MOON? There might be someone but I can’t friends with anyone who doesn’t love looking up into the sky and seeing that luminous ball of light shining down on us.

Forget about the fact that men have walked around on the moon…the moon is just beautiful – period!

One of the things I love about Franklin is how brilliant the night sky is. It begins with these incredible sunsets…fire in the sky or cotton candy clouds that change from the palest pink to bright red. (So different from the sunsets in California.) Don’t get me wrong…California rocks some pretty amazing sunsets.

But the moon is majestic in the Franklin sky. I wish y’all could see it.

I thought I’d share the dates for Full Moons in 2015. (Probably should have done this post on January 1st, but better late than never…)

Did you know that each Full Moon has a name? I didn’t.

Wolf Moon – January 4

Snow Moon – February 3

Worm Moon – March 5 (History says that in March the snow begins to melt, the ground softens and earthworms show their little heads.)

Pink Moon – April 4 (Yep…spring is in the air and the world is filled with pink and flowers.)

Corn Planting Moon – May 3

Strawberry Moon – June 2 (Did you know that strawberry season reaches its peak in June? Me either.)

Buck Moon – July 1 (This is when the new antlers of buck deer push out their foreheads coated in velvety fur.)

Blue Moon – July 31 (A good night to dance by the light of the moon!)

Green Corn Moon – August 29

Harvest Moon – September 27

Hunter’s Moon – October 27 (Not the moon I’m fond of…I’ve always wanted to be the benevolent farmer.)

Beaver Moon – November 25 (The time of year when beaver’s begin preparing for winter.)

Long Night’s Moon – December 25 (Don’t you love that this year…the full moon is on Christmas Day?)

When the moon is waxing it’s getting bigger and when it’s waning…it’s getting smaller. Somehow I missed this lesson in school!

“Ooh, by the light, by the light of the silvery moon We gonna dance a-by the light of the moon By the light, by the light of the silvery moon We gonna dance…”

And then, of course…”I love you to the Moon and all the way back home again. My nighttime words for my Sweet Kaitlyn.

This is the year to rediscover the wonder and find joy in the simplicity of life…

So go “Dance by the light of the silvery moon!”

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