Acting Like a Tourist in Nashville

Do you ever have a desire to head to Nashville and spend the day acting like a tourist, only exploring places that only locals know about?

The truth is…I live here but I’m still kind of tourist…it’s confusing, but if you moved in the last several years, you’ll get it.

I wish I had adopted this attitude in Los Angeles. I think I would have loved it!

I know…Nashville is so far away, but it isn’t and there’s a whole lot happening just 18 miles up I-65. Really – that’s nothing.

I hope you don’t mind but today I’m sharing some random places and finds with you because really…getting into Nashville a little more often opens up a whole new world.

Ready? Let’s Go!

Y’all know that I’m married to an Italian and Italians love food! Food is the epicenter of life. Thankfully we’ve discovered some great Italian. In Nashville – it’s Trattoria Il Mulino all the way! Like that’s the place so bypass all others and go there.

In Franklin it’s Trattoria A – cozy, intimate and a lovely place to share a meal over great Italian.

But what about those Sunday night dinners when you want some antipasti around your kitchen table? We’ve been challenged to find a real Italian market because there isn’t one in Franklin, but there is in Nashville! Coco’s Italian Market is your place if you really want authentic meats, cheeses, pasta and sauces. All biscotti and breads are made in-house and you probably can’t eat just one.

It got the seal of approval from Mr. Dominic.

Next it was off to Hillsboro Village for some French Bakery goods and if, like me, you crave a great macaron (very different from a macaroon) then head to Provence Breads & Cafe and well…just treat yourself because you deserve it! I found my macarons and I promise you – they’re worth the trip.

Next door to Provence is Dave’s Cooking Cookware & Cutlery. I LOVE this store and will definitely be back to have my kitchen knives sharpened and most likely replace a few of my pans. Everything you could ever want for your kitchen is right here, but the best part of Dave’s is that it’s local and not a big chain.

A Few Places You Might Want to Check Out

Great coffee and ambiance at Barista Parlor in Germantown. Really fresh roasted yummy coffee with attention to every detail in the roasting process. Excellent breakfast fare. It’s a great way to begin your day and then wander around Germantown and check out all that’s happening in this community. Barista Parlor has three locations in Nashville and they’re all great.

Biscuit Love is well…just that – love in a biscuit but I have to admit one of the best things I’ve ever tasted in my life are the Bonuts, fried biscuit dough sprinkled with sugar and served with lemon marscapone and blueberry compote. I mean seriously! If you have friends visiting from out of town, Biscuit Love is a must.

When was the last time you toured The Parthenon in Centennial Park? You know it’s absolutely fascinating. Centennial Park is a treasure right smack dab in the middle of our city. You do know there’s a live band and dancing on Friday nights, right? Take a picnic dinner and go treat yourself to an evening under the stars.

This was our weekend – clearly we spent some time enjoying tasty treats, but we walked and talked and truly had a blast acting like a tourist in Nashville.

Where are some places you think we ought to visit? Please share in the comments below.

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