A Woman, Horses and Healing

Thank you for your patience. It’s Wednesday and the perfect time to bring you Part Two of Martha Stowe, horses, and Blazer Farm. This is a love story and testament to a highly gifted woman with magical hands. If you missed Part One, you can read it here.

How Martha discovered Myofascial Release is a story for the books.

It was soon to be her birthday and her husband, Kurt wanted to give her a massage. But instead one of Martha’s friends said, “She doesn’t need a massage, she needs myofascial release.” As a child, she had broken her neck when she fell off a horse and she healed but not so that she had fluidity of movement in her neck; like severe migraines and a very difficult time turning her head to the left. (Pretty sure she said to the left.)

She went for her birthday treatment and became furious because, “All they did was put their hands on me and I couldn’t believe we had spent money on this!”

That money turned out to be “life-changing!” For the first time since her accident she could turn her head and was pain free.

Later she learned about the same treatment for horses and Martha studied the John Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR) techniques and became a Certified Equine Myofascial Release Therapist. Shortly thereafter she founded her company, True Equine – Equine Restoration, Full Training and MFR services in an effort to “foster a more holistic approach to the well-being and development of the horse.” She is a gift.

Martha told me that all horses have at some time experienced one form or another of trauma whether from injury or emotional trauma.

Remember Eugene from Monday’s post? She did a mini myofascial session so I could see how it works and it is nothing short of amazing. I watched an apprehensive horse who had never experienced this work before, relax into the process.

She begins by gently running her hands down Eugene’s body.

I witnessed his muscles twitching as he let go of the tension and the knot. I watched Eugene blink and yawn and cock his rear hoof – all signs that he was feeling relief. It was beautiful.

She finds a spot where there is a lot of tension.

She leaves her hands here for several minutes and I could visibly see the muscle pulsating. The tension was being released and he was becoming visibly calmer.

Next we went outside to the pen where Martha’s charge is to teach this beautiful hunter – jumper to have “better manners.” Apparently good manners matter across the board.

This is one spirited horse and Martha joins in the dance with him, but he follows her lead. She sensitizes and then de-sensitizes him. I forgot to take notes because I was so mesmerized by the grace of it all.

By the time we walked back to the barn, I saw a different horse.

Martha speaks calmly…walks with confidence and is one of the most grounded women I have ever met. She’s living in her gifts and thankfully, she’s helped countless horses regain their natural, pain-free movement along with their mental, physical and emotional soundness.

In addition to horse restoration, Blazer Farm also offers riding lessons and for all you dog lovers…she can do myofascial canine release, too. I did not see this, but she says the outcomes are nothing short of amazing.

If you would like to learn more about Martha and True Equine, visit her website here, then head over to her contact page and get in touch.

I love when someone is living her dream and using her God-given gifts to make a difference.

Thank you Martha for your generosity of time, but more importantly, for the magic you create in the lives of these majestic creatures. It was a perfect day.

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