A Thanksgiving Wreath that Takes You Into Christmas!

You already know that I’ve never been known to be a very good DIY’er! Seriously – that’s kind of the understatement of the century! I can cook. I know how to decorate and I’ve been told…I have a fairly good eye…but making things by hand that look beautiful…well…I’ve just never had the confidence to do it…Until NOW!

I have a lot of very talented friends who make the most wonderful things with their two little hands and one day I thought…”Why can’t I do this?” So off I went to Hobby Lobby, which is like the biggest craft emporium I’ve ever seen and I decided I would try my hand at making a Thanksgiving wreath…but I also wanted this wreath to carry over into Christmas.

Hmmmm…what would that look like? And then the light went off and I took off on an adventure to find just the right elements for my wreath. When I was checking out I had no idea what it was going to look like, but I was determined to give it my very best try!

I couldn’t wait to come home and get going. Dinner would have to wait…I had a wreath to make!

Cautiously and carefully I tried to remember what I had learned from all my very talented friends and if I do say so myself, I’m pretty pleased with the final outcome!

Drum roll please…here it is…my very first DIY Thanksgiving into Christmas Wreath!

See what I mean that it will take me through Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s the combination of the bronze and gold.

So here’s what I bought…

I used a 15″ white twisted wreath.

A 30′ roll of wire Christmas ribbon that was 2 1/4 inches wide in a light tan fabric with 1 1/2 inch of shiny gold down the middle. (This was more than enough ribbon. It will now adorn presents, too.)

Once I had the ribbon, I searched for unusual looking picks that would be interesting but also festive. I went with a bronze and gold theme and then found the animal print fabric flowers. (I used 3 of them along the bottom.)

I purchased a variety of items in the color scheme I was using. You can find picks with all different flowers and leaves and glittery pine cones.

How to Assemble…

1. Begin with the ribbon. Pick a place to start and secure the ribbon with a small piece of wire. It doesn’t matter where you begin.

The picks have all been disassembled. It’s the easiest way to make them work for you.

4. Once you have the loops finished, start filling in the holes with the picks. As you fill in, make sure to keep the wreath balanced. Stand back and admire your handy work. You shouldn’t need to secure the individual pieces with wire. Just tuck them into the wreath and wrap them around.

You’ll be inserting the decorations in between the loops.

5. If you don’t like the way something looks, take it out and try something else. Have fun with it! I kept telling myself to Have fun!

Making progress.

6. When you’re happy with the wreath, thread another long piece of ribbon through the top of the wreath, tie a knot and hang it!

Seriously…it’s that easy. And you know what? If I can do this…so can you!

This particular wreath is perfect for Thanksgiving and will hang on my bedroom door for Christmas.

I think it’s a keeper…how about you?

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