A Hat Extravaganza!

I love hats and I’m lucky that I can wear them!

The truth is that anyone can wear a hat, you just have to find the style that fits your face and personality. A great hat can make an ordinary outfit – extraordinary!

I love all kinds of hats…cowboy hats, fedoras, Panama hats, berets, fanciful hats, Derby hats and Fascinators (technically NOT a hat, but you know what I mean.)

Hats are FUN and we all need more fun.

If you like hats, like I like hats then I want to introduce you to hatWRKS in Nashville. (Sometimes you have to venture out of Franklin.)

This is NO ordinary hat shop…it’s an experience! Plan to spend a long time in this Nashville shopping landmark.

My daughter was with me. This picture is a bit fuzzy, but look at all the Panama Hats!

It’s owned and operated by milliner, Gigi Gaskins who told me, “I am so blessed that I discovered hat making a long time ago. It just makes me happy!” And it will make you happy, too. You don’t have to spend much time in the store to know that Gigi is a very cool lady who knows her craft. She’s a true artist.

This boutique is located at 1027 8th Avenue South and there’s plenty of parking. They’re open most days (that’s what the sign says) and Gigi is on site to guide you through your first hat purchase. Try on whatever you want, but treat the hats delicately and pick them up only by the brim.

Custom-made by Gigi.

There are Gigi’s custom-made hats ( a must see) but hatWRKS also features hats from designers such as Stetson(of course, it’s Nashville), Louise Green, Arturo Rios, Mr. Green, and many others.

Fascinators anyone?

I have no idea where I’d wear this, but I want it so badly. Maybe just sitting at my desk!

Gigi also offers services to bring your vintage or damaged hats back to life. There’s cleaning, detailing, reshaping, stretching and refurbishing.

Gigi at work.

During my visit, several “regulars” came in just to say “hey” to Gigi and try on the newest arrivals. There’s a great energy here and it’s because everyone is so happy to be here.

I’m pretty sure if hatWRKS doesn’t have what you’re looking for, then it can’t be found.

This is one store off the beaten path of Downtown Nashville that is well worth your visit.

So go and get a hat! When I finally get myself to the Kentucky Derby…this is where I’m shopping.

Thank you Gigi for making hats feel magical!

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