19 Months & a Love Story to Moving

Yesterday was our 19 month Anniversary of moving into our new home in Franklin, Tennessee. You might be thinking, who celebrates 19 months? I do, because believe it or not…it’s BIG!

One of my favorite country roads.

When we were feeling lost and completely unsettled…most people told us that it would take 18 – 24 months before we felt at home, but when you’re feeling lost, 18 -24 months sounds like a lifetime…and some days it felt like it.

This is NOT a Debbie Downer post, but this IS for you if you’ve recently moved. So many of you have left your homes, like we did, and are now settling into your new digs in Franklin. Congratulations! I hope you fall in love like I have.

But may I just be honest? Moving is hard for a whole lot of reasons…but it all has to do with CHANGE and the fact that everything is NEW! Both are good for the soul, but driving away from your lifelong home definitely wreaks havoc with your life.

I discovered that I could pretty much handle the big changes. It was the little things that got to me. Little things like losing my favorite spatula or not remembering what drawer I put my favorite scarf or the this past November when I was decorating the house for Christmas and I couldn’t find the velvet table runner my sister-in-law gave a long time ago! It wasn’t pretty. I literally had a full blown meltdown! I sat on the stairs and cried uncontrollably and I had no idea why. I mean…I wasn’t having Christmas without the table runner! Period!

And then I found it buried in a box in the garage. Yes, Cindy…there would be Christmas after all.

In retrospect…it was all part of settling. It all part of missing my family on Thanksgiving and it builds up and then if you’re like I am…you have a meltdown. I haven’t had one in a few months and I’m feeling settled…like this is finally my new home.

Having a home is very different from having a house. We’re about to paint the downstairs powder room for the third time. I finally have window treatments in my living room instead of the ugly shutters that came with this house. Soon my office will be a beautiful shade of whisper grey with pink accents. Yes…I’m feeling settled.

And yet…with all the turmoil and internal chaos that accompanied my move, I’ve made huge strides and I’ve met wonderful people who have become my friends. Making friends changes everything along with knowing how to get places! But it’s friends that make the biggest difference of all. And when family and friends come to visit from Los Angeles…well…life is pretty darn perfect.

Moving takes us out of our comfort zone. Moving shows up differently for each of us. Moving comes with confusion and loneliness, but more than anything, moving has showed me that I’m resilient and adaptable. I moved not because I hated Los Angeles, like some people think. I moved because I was seeking a simpler life and new adventures. Some adventures aren’t always what we plan, but adventures help us grow and in the last 19 months, I’ve surprised even myself.

If you think about it…isn’t LIFE just one great big huge MOVE? We move through change. We move through comfort. We evolve and we grow and ultimately, we reach out and extend a hand and what shows up is always movement and change. Like the butterfly, we’re transformed.

If you’ve just moved, I want you to know that you will be okay. I want you to know that everything you’re experiencing is normal. It’s a roller coaster ride. Things will settle down and you, too, will one day, feel settled.

And if you’re reading this and you’re one of my friends…please know how abundantly grateful I am to have you in my life.

If you’ve reached out to me in the last 19 months…thank you. You’ve touched my heart.

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