Cindy's Story

Hi…I’m Cindy and I’m so happy to meet you.
There are some basic things I suppose you should know about me.  I’m a writer, entrepreneur, fairly good cook, a beginning DIY’er (which means I’m just trying and hoping things work out), mom to my beautiful daughter, Kaitlyn, wife to Dominic, a rescuer of animals and I love big, bold, open honesty.  

I made a HUGE life change in 2013 when I left my lifelong home in Los Angeles and moved to Franklin, Tennessee! Lots of my friends think I’ve lost my mind…others get it. I know this – when you’re surrounded by beauty and open spaces…life is always sweeter.


Because I know stories can get really long and you may or may not want to know all the details of my life, I've added the long version at the end of this page. 


What It’s All About

Simply put, Discovering Franklin is a chronicle of my adventure discovering as much as I can about my new home, but it's also about how I've been changed in so many surprising ways. I think when you move 2,000 miles away from your lifelong home...change is bound to happen, but it's shown up in unexpected ways.


Discovering Franklin is about all things wonderful & magical about Franklin, Tennessee, but it’s also about how this California girl left my lifelong home (the Metropolis of Los Angeles) with my husband, 85-year old mother, one dog and two cats to rediscover life and live a quieter, more peaceful life.

It’s about how Franklin saved my soul and I didn't even know it needed saving. I’ve left behind my Manolos for Bean Boots. I turned in my business suits for jeans and vintage flannels and surprisingly, I’m not freaking out. In fact...I'm loving it!

I’ve always lived in a big city with everything that it has to offer – amazing food, incredible shopping, theatre, movies, paparazzi, studios, celebrities and all the fancy and fanfare. But along with the fanciness came the noise and traffic and rushing from place to place.

All the glitter comes with a price. If you’ve ever been on the 405 Fwy at 5:30 pm, you know what I mean. I worked in corporate America amidst the hustle and bustle and both my husband and I fought our way to work each day.

I’ve always craved simpler.

But…I was scared and those voices in my head kept telling me to stop thinking crazy thoughts.

But I did think them…often.

And then…my life changed when my ex-father-in-law asked me if I would look after his wife and pay his bills when he had open-heart surgery, because he wanted to see his beautiful granddaughter…my precious Kaitlyn, graduate from college and he couldn’t do it without surgery. And in that moment…that rare moment when life steps in and says… “Hey, I have another plan for you.” I said, “Yes,” and my life went on hold and all my dreams went silent. And I did that for almost six years and he did see his beautiful granddaughter graduate from college. 

God is good and HE made it happen.

And then the next year, he left us and the yearning in my heart started again. But…then my Dad was sick and I couldn’t leave him. Life happens like this. And the following year my Dad left, too. I miss him so much, but I know he’d love where I am now.

And then…my dream for my life began again. I was antsy and ready to explore a bit more. I wanted a place where I didn’t hear sirens at night and see police helicopters flying overhead…a place where horses graze in pastures and cows lo in the evening…a place where owls make their home. I wanted that place, but I didn’t know where it was. I kept hearing this voice in my head…

It’s there. Go find it. And then the other voice in my head said, “You’re crazy. Stop this nonsense.”

And then one day… someone asked if I had ever considered Franklin, Tennessee?” And I said, “What?" I'd never heard of Franklin and I'd never been to Tennessee! She told me to check it out and...

I did. My husband and I came to check it out…

We saw… We fell in love and then we decided. But we were scared. At least I was. I was really scared.

I felt little inside. Could I really start all over?

Does God have some other plan for me? Could I just surrender and trust?

We sold our house and then I was even more scared.

But there was this tiny voice deep inside that said, “Go…try it. See what else is there. Discover you and behold all that awaits.”

But…but…but I was leaving everything and everyone that I held dear. On August 6, 2013, we pulled away from my childhood home and left it all behind. And I couldn’t stop crying for days and nights. I was so scared…and truthfully, sometimes I still am.

But I’m here now…and in the summer I see fireflies…and horses graze in pastures…and cows lo in the evening…and the owls hoot at night and there are more stars than I knew existed and even though sometimes I’m still scared and miss my family and friends...

I believe…and I’m resilient and I’ve fallen in love with Franklin, Tennessee.


Come along…you will too. 



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