Do we offer advertisting?


We love our local buisnesses and offer several advertising platforms.

1. Website Ad space

2. Sponsored Posts/Stories

3. Social Media spotlight

We offer ads in contracted terms of:

1 month

3 months

6 months


Ads are allowed 1 permanent location of choice.

PLUS a prime location on the home page for 30 days FREE.

A Place to Shine

Nothing gets your business noticed more than a story.

Who, what, why, and when? Let us tell our viewer in our special way.


This sponsored page will be on the blog indefinitely...

We will write up to 3,000 words, feature 3 images, and feature your ad.

Tell A Story

Make a quick and impactful connection to all our social media viewers via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

A quick shout out, review, highlight, or video can share with hundreds of viewers via social media.

Get Social

Web Ads

Sizes Offered

$35 = 200 x 200 - Square oSidebar (Home Page Only)

$50 = 300 x 250 Rectangle Sidebar (Category pages and Stories)

$100 = 300 x 600 Half Page Sidebar (Stories only)

$60 = 728 x 90 - Bottom Bar (any page)


150 KB or less max file size. Make sure that your ads that are no bigger than 150 KB in file size. Anything above that will be disapproved by Google simply because the bigger the file is, the longer it takes to load.

The final product should be in JPEG, SWF, PNG, or GIF formats. Google will not accept any other formats.

Final ad location and visual approval up to the discretion of Discovering Franklin, we value our brand and want to make sure your ad is a good fit and visually cohesive with our website.

Graphic Design

We offer in-house Graphic design assistance to help with your ad creation, let us know what you would like! A quote for design services will be presented before you decide. Cost varies depending on how much time is involved.

Sponsored Stories

Reach our readers in the best way possible!

Tell the why, what, how, when of your business in a sponsored story written by yours truly...let us do what we love to do, highlight you!

Up to 3,000 words allowed along with 3 images (which images to used are up the style discretion of Discovering Franklin). One of these images may be you ad. We have found that a story along side an ad is a powerful combination of advertisitng.



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